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Our company specializes in the purchase/sale of such major crops

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Our company “NAYORA - FZCO” specializes in the sale of grain, legumes, ghee & vegetable Oil and other foodstuff and beverages , organizing their proper storage, safe transportation. In our work, we adhere to the main principle – professional services, high-quality certified products, combined with a competent loyal pricing policy. Our company guarantees to potential customers an individual approach to each order, the best options for grain sales, flexible pricing terms.

We offer all classes of wheat, corn, barley, oilseeds and oil carefully sourced from trusted farms across major exporting regions. NAYORA - FZCO headquartered at Dubai, UAE, is a very trusted name and is in forefront of FMCG Distribution across the region . An exponentially growing company in the Middle East, we deal with a wide range of leading global FMCG brands.We have a predominant presence in the market place catering all segments of businesses like Retail – Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Groceries; Wholesale and Food Service. We are one of the largest protein suppliers (beef, chicken, lamb and veal) in the region importing from the U.S., Australia, Brazil and South Africa. We're your one-stop-shop for all foodservice and pastry supplies.


Quality products

We provide the best service on the market, and the best quality products that you will want to order from us, every customer is important to us, so first of all we provide a good service and product

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Best Vegetable Oil

We supplies a broad variety of premium quality Vegetable Oil. These Vegetable Oil are handpicked, machine washed and prepared with proper care for delivery across the globe. You will be satisfied with our vegetable oil, currently we are the leading company that makes oil and supplies it to any country.

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Value-add solutions

From farmers to global partners, we reinvest in the relationships that matter, it’s what makes us a world leader in dairy and grain production. Collaboration is in our culture. We’re delighted to work with customers to develop value-add solutions and help them meet changing consumer needs.

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At Nayora FZCO, we have made Grains, Cereals & Legumes food the. We firmly believe in a world where 100% best quality food is the standard. As an food specialists, we offer high quality products. This is how we have slowly but surely risen to become the leading company in the field of Grains, Cereals & Legumes. But we do a whole lot more than just sell organic bulk health foods. We only offer best products. In total we sell more than 1000 different products as an food wholesaler. These products are produced by our own farmers and producers. Our network reaches all over the world. We aim to get our products as close to home as possible to keep transport to the minimum.

We guarantee an individual approach to each order, optimal sale options and flexible pricing conditions, because our agricultural company NAYORA - FZCO cares about long-term cooperation and mutual understanding.

The NAYORA - FZCO company specializes in the sale and purchase of grain: cereals, legumes, oilseeds, and etc...

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There are some important numbers for us. They are just numbers without any meaning, but we just love them.


This is the percentage of successful closed contracts and sales, we always provide good service, so people want to cooperate with us more and more. You can write to us by email, and we will answer all your questions.


This is the number of products in our list, here you can find everything you need, this list is updated every day, and we try to find everything our client wants.

We at Nayora FZCO, are whole sale suppliers of cooking oil in the UAE. We also offer customized products based on various requirements and never compromise on quality. Our stocks are maintained such that available in larger quantities. Our portfolio includes Ghee, Palm oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Peanut Oil, Sunflower oil.

Food Division The Food Services division of NAYORA - FZCO is one among the lprofessionally managed ‘away from home’ distribution set-ups.The division covers all types of channels that includes  hotels, restaurants, Ship Chandlers, Bakeries, Airlines, Cafeterias, Catering Companies and Re-Export businesses to name a few. Efficiency and effectiveness are the driving forces that has catapulted this division to our premium status, as the best-in-class distributor in the Food Services industry. NAYORA - FZCO sells in bulk as well as in the form of customised product solutions for key partners. Food services division specialises in dry, ambient, chilled, frozen and deli range. All our products are 100% halal. Our unique capabilities are honed to meet and exceed the industry expectations.

Best Quality Our relentless effort to innovate and improve our facilities and production technologies provides us with our competitive advantage. As a global leader in agricultural trade, we remain committed to revolutionise the food industry through our continuous research and development.

Our Mission     Understanding, meeting and exceeding the business expectations of our suppliers & customers.     Implementing a modern sales processes that is aligned to the market developments & is able to leverage trade opportunities.     Deploying competent sales force and upgrading their skills and knowledge through continuous training.     Leveraging the technological advances for quicker, insightful decision making and getting closer to principals and customers.

From CEO

I am the owner of NAYORA - FZCO. I am very lucky to have such a company, because it employs the best people who love their work. Our client is part of our team, so we provide them with the best service on the market, we will be able to find everything you need. Thank you for being with us.

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Numerous sites of specialized agricultural companies offer a wide range of products. But not everywhere you can buy grains, legumes, oilseeds of decent quality, certified, at affordable prices. We guarantee strict quality control of all products, its compliance with current regulations, standards, and specifications. We have our transshipment terminal for grain, pulses, oilseeds, which provides safe food content. We ensure proper storage of grain while maintaining the necessary temperature and moisture regime.

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"TThank you NAYORA FZCO for the services provided, you are the best company I have worked with. Everything was delivered to the address, and all the goods I ordered were perfect."

Jane Doemunsky

I purchased a large quantity of Vegetable Oil, first of all I was surprised by the price, they are extremely nice, and lower than all your competitors, next is that it was delivered in literally a few days, which is extremely good for me. Thank you, I will cooperate with you in the future.

Andew Palmer

"I have been looking for Ghee for my production for a long time, but thanks to NAYORA FZCO I have solved this issue, the best Ghee I have seen. Nice price, high quality, now my production works better because of you, you are the best. thank you"

Rustin Cohle

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